Monday, May 5, 2008

Silkfair is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell anything from anywhere

What Company Is Offering:

Silkfair is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell anything from anywhere. Silkfair makes the experience of buying and selling fun and easy! Silkfair is designed to be faster, easier and very cost effective in selling. There are no startup costs to start selling. Are you going to let this opportunity pass by?

At Silkfair, they aim to be the premier e-commerce site for users to buy and sell their goods online. They are always looking to innovate and provide more great features and tools to their users.

Silkfair makes virtual stores more fun than ever with its new features, which allow you to promote your store and items with your creative ads, commercials or demos, using the video player application. It allows you to customize your store, so that you, with your creativity, can have a direct impact on customers. Don’t wait any longer, join Silkfair today!

How Is It Different:

Silkfair is the only marketplace where sellers can effectively showcase products without feeling like being at a crowded and cluttered flea market. Silkfair provides a space for you to customize and showcase your products. They bring the latest in technology to help you sell, and to enable you to engage and interact directly with customers. It is the only marketplace that gives you all the advanced tools you need to sell online that you can set up quickly. You can set up your own store, with your own name and it will even give you your own URL, under the Silkfair domain. If you wish, you can also bring your own domain name.

Silkfair has a unique user-friendly interface - Tired of going through page after page just to list or edit an item? - We don’t like that either, hence we have designed our user interface so that sellers can edit listings directly. Just log in with your ID, get to the item you want to edit and click on any field. Hovering your mouse/cursor over the editable fields will give you gentle highlighted signals to let you know that it’s an editable field and go on, make your change.

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