Monday, May 5, 2008

Yoono is “instant people-rated web"

What Company Is Offering:
Yoono is “instant people-rated web”. This means that while you surf, yoono displays a list of other web pages. These are “people-rated” - others have classified them in their favorites. You can also get suggestions for your favorites folders .
Click the Surprise! button to get a random suggestion based on your favorites.

How It Works:

Find other users who have a particular web page in their favorites (via suggestions or via a user you already know). Yoono IE Bar only: When you have found a user, you can subscribe to on of their shared folders - you’ll be informed when they add to the folder. The subscribed folder is displayed ion the Favorites tab.

If you have more than 1 computer, yoono synchronizes your bookmarks between them.

If I’m viewing the page Yoono returns the following :

other web pages - these are bookmarks that users have classified next to that chocolate page in their favorites. Try them out - they’ll probably interest you too ! (Tip: to keep the suggestions displayed while changing pag, click on “Lock the suggestions” - top left button in the Suggestions tab)
users (yoosers) - who have bookmarked the page in a “Shared” favorites folder. You can see their folder which will have many related sites. (Tip:see the user’s profile by clicking on the underlined username)
resources - blogs and other resources which talk about the site you’re visiting.

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