Friday, June 13, 2008

Artlog is about connecting people through art & design

What Company Is Offering:
Artlog is about connecting people through art & design.You can break the Artlog idea into four basic parts
- Catalog: Discover new museums, galleries, alternative spaces and not-to-be-missed exhibitions, parties, openings and lectures.
- People: The social layer tying the other parts together.
- Focus: Tumblelog- Quick way to stay current.
- Portfolios: Allow users to manage their own websites through the Artlog app.

How It Works:
There are many ways to contribute at Artlog. Users may post blog entries in the user notebook, add comments to any public content on the site, add venues, events and artist listings. Contribute original articles, videos or podcast, or suggest a third-party article, blog entry or multimedia item be added to the Currents. Contact Artlog through the contact form in the About section.

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