Friday, June 13, 2008 real-time auction marketplace

What Company Is Offering:
MoneyAisle is the next-generation online auction marketplace where consumers find great rates on bank CDs and High-Yield Savings accounts, absolutely free. Their methodology is simple: by having banks actively bid against each other in live auctions for each individual consumer request, the customer wins.

How It Works:

MoneyAisle's patent-pending technology creates a safe, transparent auction, providing consumers with free access to great deals in real time. The results are instantaneous; you are offered the best rate available on our platform in just a couple of minutes.

MoneyAisle differs from other online auction sites, which are seller-centric, by providing buyer-centric auctions to consumers. Many sellers (banks) compete and the buyer ultimately benefits, reversing traditional seller-centric online auction methods, used by sites such as eBay. We also eliminate the buyer's burden of time-consuming comparison shopping by providing free, live, on-demand auctions, 24/7. In addition, MoneyAisle does not accept any advertising, which keeps us completely independent of any outside advertiser influence.

The real-time auction marketplace is powered by neoSaej's patent-pending technology.

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