Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Compulsion is a simple, easy to use tool that makes video clickable

What Company Is Offering:
Compulsion is a simple, easy to use tool that makes video clickable. The clicks become links that turn the video into an entire interactive universe of your design. You can offer or sell those links for click and shop, gossip, trivia, news, music, more video, or anything you can imagine. Compulsion does not alter the original movie file, and can be used before or after your video is published. If you want to add or change links later, no problem.

How It Works:

After the final edit of your video, movie, or TV show is complete, operators use Compulsion to designate specific objects (clothing, furniture, people, etc...) as hyperspots. These hyperspots accept actions, such as goto: www.gap.com/greenshirt, or jump to scene 3, of chapter 1. End-users (a.k.a. media consumers/viewers), using the CLICKplayer, can click inside your video and get that information, or activate that action.

Compulsion keeps track of all viewer clicks and makes them available to customers in real time, 24/7. Most importantly, the data is sorted video by video with an eye to make money for the customer. With the data to back you up, you can, for example, charge Gucci for each viewer who buys the bag featured in Season 4, Episode 2 of Sex and The City.

The Pulse Reports can be accessed via the web for general overview data (see The Pulse Reports live), or through the Compulsion software Interest Analyzer Tools - revealing detailed information about end-user click patterns, statistics and interests.

More at:http://www.compulsion.tv/

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