Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Create your own Social Network with Neeetz

What Company Is Offering:
Create your own Social Network with Neeetz.Connect with colleagues, friends, family members and others of like interest.Create Blogs and Forums. Share photos, videos and music.Craft life updates and create communities of like interests.
Join Neeetz to Create, Share and Socialize.

How It Works:

Neeetz is about you. Your Net Space Network, your brand if you will. You create and moderate on whatever topics you wish. The control is in your hands and your members are apart of your network.

Neeetz is more than a social network, it’s a sophisticated, multimedia hub that empowers you to connect with friends, businesses, family members, and people who simply like the same things you do. has taken the best elements of modern online tools and put them all into one place. With Neeetz, you can share videos or photos, write blog posts, or open lively discussions on the topics that matter most to you. If you’re a Neeetz member, you can manage your own forums. Create your own online galleries. Promote your business with how-to videos, and so much more.

And as you create your own Neeetz Net Space , customize it, and build it, pixel by pixel, you can invite others into your unique, online world. You can also seek out other Neeetz members and join their networks at the click of a mouse.

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