Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Power Of 3D----3DVIA

What Company Is Offering:
3DVIA is the newest of the 6 Dassault Systèmes brands. Its mission is democratizing the usage of 3D so that everybody can use it in its everyday life, either at work or at home, through the web. Their objective is to give you the power of 3D.

In that intent, a team of passionate people, both long time experienced one as well as new online kids in town, has been build with the mandate of leveraging all existing 3D technologies of Dassault Systèmes , as well as developing new ones, to deliver new types of innovative 3D services, online. will be the meeting point for all the communities wishing to improving everyday's life with 3D. It will provide both 3D content and 3D services, either very generic or more dedicated to specific goals. It relies on dedicated infrastructure, leverages real-time display and behavioral 3D technologies, and provides services for everyone to imagine, create, share, experience or play in 3D.

How It Works:

To become a member of 3DVIA, go to the Join 3DVIA page, choose a username and password and enter your personal information. Then click the "Next" button. Your account is created; you will receive an e-mail to validate it.

To add friends or business to your contact list, you have two possibilities.

First case, the person is already registered on 3DVIA. In this case, select the user in the people list and click on its icon. Then click the "save this contact" link. On the following page you will be asked to precise if it's a business contact or a friend. Select the proper choice and click the "add contact list" button. Check in your contact list, you should have a new one.

Second case, the person is not yet registered and you want to invite him to join 3DVIA. Click the "invite contacts" link in your my 3DVIA page. Enter the e-mail, firstname and lastname of your contacts and click the "save e-mail" button. Your contacts will receive an invitation. If they accept to register, they will be automatically added to your contact list.

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