Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dayak, the Recruiting Marketplace that connects employers with a network of professional recruiters

What Company Is Offering:
Employers create a detailed job profile that gives recruiters the information they need to quickly identify the right candidate for the position. Once posted, employer jobs are only visible to a network of professional recruiters (not job seekers).Posting jobs is absolutely free and employers pick their own fee for a successful hire.

Recruiters have access to the entire jobs database so they can search and identify the jobs in their areas of expertise. Once appropriate jobs are identified, recruiters get to work on screening qualified applicants who meet the employer's needs.

How It Works:
Once a recruiter identifies a highly qualified applicant, they will submit the candidate to the employer via the Dayak marketplace. Dayak gives employers an applicant tracking tool that makes easy work of managing candidate submissions. Additionally, employers are notified of new candidate submissions via email.

After reviewing the candidate submissions, employers are free to pick the most promising candidates to interview. With the click of a button, an interview can be requested and then quickly arranged. Employers can interview candidates directly, or use the full-service support of recruiters to help manage the interview process.
When a candidate is hired, Dayak sends an invoice to the employer on the candidate's start date. The employer pays Dayak, and Dayak holds the funds in escrow until expiration of the 60-day guarantee period. Once the guarantee has expired, the recruiter is paid the commission published on the job posting.

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