Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Talk Market is a television shopping channel hosted by you

What Company Is Offering:
The Talk Market is a television shopping channel hosted by you! Anyone with a product to sell can upload a video featuring their product and be a part of our unique and entertaining marketplace.

The Talk Market was founded by television shopping channel veterans who recognize that there are millions of amazing products out there that might never get the chance to be on a shopping channel - now they can!

How It Works:

If you like something you see, you can purchase it right here - The Talk Market facilitates credit card transactions between members of community in one easy step.

At the Talk Market, creating videos is fun -- they supply you with free eye-popping motion graphics and compelling soundtracks so you can enhance your video presentations and be the envy of all of your friends! Or, if you'd like to help others in their mission to communicate the value of their great products, you can share graphics and music you've created with the Talk Market Community. With all of these bells and whistles, they hope watching videos is as fun as making them!

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