Friday, June 27, 2008

Dizzed----Talent Search Site

What Company Is Offering:
Dizzed is an online community that banks on user-generated content of the latest news that hit the web. Dizzed's content are categorized according to news, technology, sport, travel, media, science, lifestyle, television, internet marketing, music, entertainment, gaming and the revolutionary talent spool where you can showcase your talent. The members of Dizzed are given full control over the type of content that is uploaded on their account as long as it complies with Dizzed's terms of service. Users of Dizzed can also vote in terms of the popularity or unpopularity of the content being uploaded.

How It Works:

Registration is required if you want to be able to upload content or leave comments. It is very easy to register at Dizzed and wont take much of your time, so it is recommended for you to register. However, if you just want to see the latest news, no registration is required.

Compared to other sites, Dizzed is largely a social community that provides information by allowing their users to submit original links to the stories or talent that they want published. Dizzed has a simple interface that is very user-friendly to its members that even first time users will have no problem navigating and submitting their stories. Searching for friends is even made easier with Dizzed's user search function.

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