Friday, June 27, 2008

What Company Is Offering:
InverSearch is a search engine that bills its business users by the number of responses they make to consumer inquiries rather than by the number of hits they receive. InverSearch utilizes a Pay-Per-Response business model that does not affect the relevancy of search results or devour the budgets of advertisers.

How It Works:
InverSearch provides businesses with the most credible, cost-effective means to obtain customers, and provides consumers with the easiest, most reliable way to receive relevant search results. Individuals and businesses post confidential categorized inquiries, and the system immediately distributes the queries to businesses that have registered and want to respond to such inquiries. InverSearch allows businesses to control their marketing costs and achieve the highest possible advertising conversion rates while connecting with potential customers. Users can post an inquiry in a fraction of the time it takes to conduct a traditional Web search, and receive relevant results from genuinely interested self-identified sources.

How Is It Different:
This method is different from the Pay-Per-Click system used by many search engines. A consumer Internet user who wishes to use InverSearch establishes, at no charge, a password-protected consumer account. Once the consumer account is established, the user has access to a personalized My Account page. This graphical interface is used for submitting natural language search queries, managing queries, and reading incoming responses. Business accounts are established by businesses that wish to be queried by consumers with established accounts.

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