Monday, June 16, 2008

Filtrbox searches thousands of online news sources

What Company Is Offering:
Filtrbox searches thousands of online news sources— from the New York Times to the Pitkin County Tribune—along with the entire blogosphere for new content. . They constantly add new sources, and you can also add your own via RSS.
Filtrs are essentially search terms or phrases, similar in function to a search text box. Filtrs become much more than simple search terms as you add additional terms to refine the results or add context. Filtrs also learn over time and calculate your feedback on sources to help FiltrRank deliver incredibly accurate scoring, customized to you.

How It Works:

Filtrbox is based on intelligent persistent search technology. This means the system searches, and re-searches its sources around the clock looking for new articles that contain the search terms you have entered. What we do once we find a potential new article is the "intelligent" bit.
Filtrbox enables the generation of custom RSS feeds, and what makes this special is the granular control over what gets included in the feed. FiltrFeed is our name for these user specific, custom RSS feeds. With FiltrFeeds you can control a number of important elements of the feed such as Filtrs, date range, minimum score, and total articles to be included. This control becomes very valuable when you integrate a feed into a reader or turn it into a widget and display the articles on a website, dashboard, or blog.

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