Friday, June 6, 2008


What Company Is Offering:
Wikiprofessional's Concept Web Initiative is a global collaboration to innovate how knowledge is represented and expanded on the Internet.

How It Works:

Wikiprofessional offers you two ways to enter the Concept Web: the Concept Web Navigator and the Wikifier. Via the Concept Web Navigator, you can directly explore or edit the Concept Web by typing a query into the search box. For each concept you query, the Navigator yields a unified results page that shows both the Knowlet and new Wiki page. The Wikifier is a tool that allows the power of the Concept Web to be access from any web-page in the world.
Concept Web's New Wiki Technology

In addition to the precision with which the Concept Web represents knowledge on the Internet, it also fuels the real-time expansion of knowledge with creation of new Wiki technology. The Wiki is an extension of the MediaWiki software that enables Wiki editing capability in a relational database structure.

WikiProfessional has jumpstarted the knowledge expansion initiative of the Concept Web by the importing of 'authoritative sources' from the Life Sciences into the Wiki. Currently, selected records from the Unified Medical Language System, UniProt, GeneOntology, and IntAct have been imported providing foundation information on over a million concepts for which the 'million minds' can add their insights. The authoritative sources are 'read only' in WikiProfessional and community annotation will be supplementary, performed on copies of the original records. Users will be able to add new or edit existing textual commentary to, for example, nuance or describe new biological functions. It will also be possible to establish links between two Wiki records to illustrate pertinent relationships. All modifications are attributed to the participating scientist and certain granting agencies have indicated that they are interested in using the resulting contributions as indices of scholarly achievement. Eventually, the most mature stage of the community data can be combined with the latest version of the authoritative source data and acknowledgment will be given for the scientific contribution. Gradually, more authoritative sources will be added.

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