Friday, July 4, 2008

Hire a Helper helps you in finding local help which is cheap

What Company Is Offering:
Hire a Helper helps you in finding local help which is cheap. Need help regarding Moving? Cleaning? Lawn help? Or any type or job that requires physical labor? Hire a Helper is here to assist you.

How It Works:
Start by entering the zip code of the location where you need the help. Select the type of help you need, and enter the date you’d like the help to arrive*

· If you do not have an exact date, or you think the date may change, enter an approximate date. Be sure to discuss any changes with your Helper. Rescheduling may conflict with a Helper’s schedule, so be sure to provide your Helper with as many details as possible.

Browse a list of Helpers in your area. Compare their personal descriptions, and rates to find the Helper best suited for your job.

Figure out how much your Helper would charge depending upon the amount of hours needed.

Place your order directly through the website by “hiring these Helpers.” Once the order is processed, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation that includes the Authorization Code for your job, as well as the contact information for your Helper. Your Helper is notified immediately—you can contact your Helper at your soonest convenience, or allow 24 hours for your Helper to contact you.

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