Friday, July 4, 2008

Talent Maze is a talent acquisition marketplace

What Company Is Offering:

Talent Maze is a talent acquisition marketplace. Their goal is to provide a forum where Hiring Companies have easy access to exponentially more external talent while simultaneously enabling external Recruiters (Headhunters / Search Firms) to market great candidates with companies to which they would otherwise not be exposed. Talent Maze is the premier talent redistribution marketplace and is revolutionizing the way external search is conducted.

How It Works:

Talent Maze provides a forum and database leveraging literally hundreds of qualified, experienced, reliable search firms. These vendors are measured on engagement, quality, production and reputation. This service is provided at no additional cost above the normal fee the Hiring Company would pay and comes with industry standard payment terms and placement guarantees.

For reputable external Search Firms, Talent Maze facilitates the ability to systematically market qualified, interested candidates to otherwise inaccessible Hiring Companies. As they say in the recruiting business, the relationship is everything. Talent Maze allows hard-working external Recruiters to maximize identified internal talent and build new relationships with great companies.

Once a Hiring Company makes a placement using the marketplace, Talent Maze issues an invoice for the full placement fee agreed to by the Hiring Company at the time they posted their requisition. Talent Maze guarantees the placement for ninety (90) days after the Start Date of the hire. One hundred (100) days after the New Hire's Start Date, Talent Maze credits 80% of the placement fee to the Recruiter who referred the candidate. (The additional 10 days are given as a grace period to the Hiring Company to allow them to notify Talent Maze of terminations.) Talent Maze retains the remaining 20% of the placement fee as the cost of doing business. Placement fee checks (for Recruiters) and refund checks (for Hiring Companies) are processed on the 16th and last day of each month.

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