Friday, July 4, 2008

Streamzy is a media search utility

What Company Is Offering:
Streamzy is a media search utility (powered by Seeqpod) that allows users to search for media, stream it, and create and save playlists. Streamzy merely provides search results for media being hosted elsewhere on the internet. These search results are provided to us by Seeqpod. They provide almost anyone with an Internet connection with instant playable search results. Clips, tracks, and presentations can be played, embedded, or shared immediately; related merchandise can be purchased in just a few keystrokes.

How It Works:

Their unique search and discover algorithm can be used in a number of categories and industries where precise, up-to-the-minute search results are important, such as financial hedge fund and trading opportunities.

They have built a powerful, proven algorithm that finds the hidden relationships between topics, not unlike the way the human mind makes relevant, useful associations. Uniquely, their technology mines the deepest crevices of the Web to return extremely relevant results.

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