Monday, August 4, 2008

Pringo Networks----Empowering Online Communities

What Company Is Offering:
Pringo Networks is a social networking platform providing over four hundred features in twenty-six languages. Pringo enables its clients to create a unique interactive environment for its users, including but not limited to customizable profiles, sharing of digital media, message boards, forums, chat rooms, and podcasts.
Pringo, an international leader in private labeled online community, offers flexible, complete and state-of-the-art social networking and media sharing platform. They offer time-tested experience to global brands, local organizations, and individuals, as well as the dynamic presence of their top-notch team to customize and deploy user-generated content.

How It Works:

Whether you want to create a website for brand recognition or sales, or produce an interactive environment that will attract visitors, build community or sustain brand loyalty, they provide access to over four hundred features, a complete content management system, full customization and professional hosted and non-hosted solution. They combine cutting edge technical infrastructure and social networking technology platform to get you into the exploding market quickly, and help move you ahead of the competition, while allowing you to choose and control the features and design you want. In addition, you'll be able to interact with any other site within the network, whereas most online community limit you to a single domain site.
Pringo's superior technology surpasses that of MySpace, YouTube, Friendster, and Facebook COMBINED. By applying Pringo to any user-based website, users can participate in a fully customizable interactive experience unlike any other available. With over four hundred features, there is no question that using Pringo's platform will dramatically increase site stickiness and overall visits.

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