Monday, August 4, 2008

UJIKO----A search engine with a truly creative results interface

What Company Is Offering:

UJIKO evolves with your expertise: The more you use it, the more functions it is able to offer .Each time you visit a new site, you are gaining one point of expertise. With every 10 points, you move to the next level. Your search engine is mutating, new buttons appear giving you access to advanced features (search video, images, news, encylopedia, advanced filters, animated skins, web archive, traffic details...)

Animated transitions between each level are displayed to show you the new tools, which you have just acquired.

UJIKO displays in the center of the screen sets of themes: just click on one of these to improve / refine your search. Some of these topics are coloured and are linked to small bricks with the same color: these indicate which sites are associated with a specific theme.

In fact, UJIKO sorts these sites taking into account their common topics: instead of providing results according to a simple criterion of relevance, it orders the sites around the circle, grouping them by themes. For example, for the request "HP" which corresponds at the same time to Harry Potter (movie, books), and Hewlett Packard (computer), it will distribute the sites on both sides of the circle to form 2 sets of themes (Film and Computer).

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