Monday, August 4, 2008

Sell electronics and sell cell phones at And Get Cash

What Company Is Offering:

The Gazelle is a marketplace where you can sell and buy old used electronics gazettes.Sell electronics and sell cell phones at They buy and sell your old electronics. You get cash and help save the environment.Gazelle believes that recycling starts with reuse. When they receive an item that is still in great condition, they extend its life by removing all personal data from the item, then reintroducing it into the consumer cycle through a variety of retail outlets. On the other end of the spectrum, if an item has no more value in the marketplace, they ensure that it is recycled responsibly. They also have wholesale partnerships to ensure that all the items are not recycled prematurely.

Its plan designed to reward their customers who encourage their friends to use Gazelle. Every time you bring a new user to the site and they sell their first $50 worth of items to us, they will pay you $10.

Their patent-pending technology gathers market data from many sources in the online marketplace to determine the true market value of an item at any given time.

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