Saturday, December 20, 2008

Geocubes---Advance Map Search

What Company Is Offering:
geocubes displays your data on the map either as one marker per data point or a square with a number representing the number of points in that square. To achieve this, geocubes displays an overlay over the Google Map you integrated into the page. Like the underlying map, the geocubes overlay is requested by the client through a JavaScript command.

How It Works:
To display a geocubes map, the client fetches the original map from Google and the geocubes overlay from the geocubes servers. This happens in parallel so there is no speed loss. The geocubes overlay is then displayed on top of the Google map with functionality provided by the Google API.
For each movement in the map - zoom or scroll - both map and geocubes overlay are fetched again. So the whole process runs perfectly in combination with Google Maps - and it is just as easy to integrate!

All data in the geocubes overlay come from the geocubes servers. When called by a client, the servers deliver the correct overlay for the visible map on that client. Advanced caching algorithms ensure that this happens within a tiny fraction of a second.
Since geocubes provides all the computing power, your infrastructure needs no changes. The only requirement is to make sure all your data points are stored on the geocubes servers. To make this as easy as possible for you, we provide a well-documented API for you.

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