Saturday, December 20, 2008

Run Country As Running Corporate Business..

Let us run it like a big corporate business with all ministries as departments and citizens as its customers. Yes, the citizens would be customers to this business, they would be consumers of goods, products and services offered by this corporate and they will pay us in form of tax.

As a CEO of this corporate, I would treat each task a project and the ministers would be appointed as project managers, it will project manager’s duty to come up with deliverables, schedule and cost this project. I must add here for all projects there must be a stakeholder who are subject matter experts and are chosen from normal citizens. The project manager has to run the project within given resources, which he agreed upon in the beginning and deliver it within schedule with exact deliverables. If any of the said criterions does not match the project is a failure and so is the project manager.

Just like a corporate has different departments, security, maintenance, finance, research and development, marketing, HR, etc, I would have all of them and they all work in tandem with a common goal, goal of making this business no 1. All of us working for this business has to remember that we here because of our customers, the citizens of this country.

Also I would make sure that my customers also respect their rights and they behave within prescribed limits as guarded by our constitution. I would grade my customers on basis of their performance and ethical behavior, if they behave good, they will get good and vice versa, which is more important. If my customers are unhappy about the road conditions then they have to follow traffic rules before they complain.


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