Monday, February 25, 2008

BabyPlays---Toy Rental--Unique Business Idea

What Company Is Offering:
BabyPlays recognizes that many parents want their children to experience the learning opportunity and skill development that come though playing with a variety of toys. However, they also recognize that it is simply unnecessary to buy everything! Often times, a parent will purchase a toy for their child, only to find that within a few weeks or less the child is bored with that toy. Some parents respond to that boredom by purchasing yet more toys, soon to find out that they have a room full of toys that are no longer of interest to their child.

How It Works:
The BabyPlays program provides answers to these dilemmas! By providing your family with 6 fresh and exciting toys to play with each month, your child can experience 72 different toys in 1 year. Any toys that you are no longer interested in, are simply returned to us at the end of 30 days.

It is the Mission of BabyPlays to facilitate the strengthening of family bonds by encouraging family playtime. The BabyPlays program provides the ideal opportunity for your special family play date. They believe that regular family playtime is necessary to deepen an understanding of one another and enhance relationships. It is through these enhanced relationships that we have the ability to raise healthier, happier more compassionate, responsive families.

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