Monday, February 25, 2008 this site to share your skills and find services you need

What Company Is Offering:, Use this site to share your skills and find services you need. Posted services are usually less formal and less profit-oriented than other directories. Most people who provide services just want to share a talent or support an organization they care about.

How It Works:
They encourage the non-commercial nature of their community by setting a one-price-for-everybody policy: 15 "time-bucks" is equal to one hour of service. That can be broken down into larger or smaller amounts. For example, 7.50 time-bucks is equal to a half an hour, and so on.

Members can earn time-bucks by providing a service or purchasing time-bucks online at $1 to 1 time-buck. When you exchange dollars for time-bucks, you're taking your money out of the financial system that rewards profits above people, and putting it into a system that supports nonprofits and communities. Click the Get Tab to order your time-bucks.

Members trade time-bucks for a wide variety of services. Post a service yourself or look under the Trade tab to view services by category.

A great way to support a good cause is by giving your time-bucks to participating nonprofit organizations or community groups. Participating groups get 85 cents for every "time-buck" they receive--that's $12.75 for every hour donated on their behalf.

TimeBucks hopes to become a sustainable business. They use the remaining 15 cents that isn't donated to nonprofit organizations, as well as interest on the purchase, to maintain and grow the site.

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