Monday, February 25, 2008 - the new way to buy quality articles

What Company Is Offering: is a website that provides an affordable solution to quality article buying. Their method keeps an every-growing number of writers happy and allows article seekers to simplify the article buying process.

How It Works: was created to answer the ever-increasing demands from site owners looking for high-quality, original articles online. also responded to writers looking for a solid means to promote and sell their content online. They're not Cupid, but they believe that could be considered a true match-making service connecting writers looking for buyers to buyers looking for writers.

There's not a whole bunch more to say, other than we're really glad you decided to stop by. They also really hope you find that our current article selection fits your needs. They have new writers joining daily, new articles being uploaded, edited and made available as we speak, and a continuously changing selection to choose from.

How Is It Different:
Unlike article selling websites that overcharge for articles, spin articles, and offer various "ownership" options, provides buyers with an affordable way to own their articles 100%. No need to track your rights to the articles and no worries about duplicate content penalties. - the new way to buy articles.

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