Wednesday, February 27, 2008 is a professional conversion tracking system, meant to improve website's conversion rate

What Company Is Offering: is a professional conversion tracking system, meant to improve website's conversion rate. Conversionstats is a highly serviceable and easy-to-handle tool which can be used both for business and personal use.

Their goal is to provide the most efficient conversion tracking system which meets the requirements of their clients and allows them to succeed in the Internet marketing. Offering first-rate analytics and statistical reporting, Conversionstats enables to study the dynamics of website's development. Focused on boosting your profits, Conversionstats proudly presents an effective tool for website performance analyzing. They do care for your success in online business and will help you to achieve it.

How It Works: offers the unique tool which allows to watch your conversion rate and to increase it. The genuine conversion tracking system studies thoroughly the conversion rate of your website, comparing conversions via search engines, pay per click programs, advertising campaigns and referrers. Thanks to Conversionstats, you will know what exactly makes money on your site and make your investment more effective.

How Is It Different:
Conversionstats allows to compare multiple sites and products simultaneously, while other stats tools can track only one product at a time.To apply this conversion tracking system you don't have to be a programmer or at least an experienced user, as its interface is really unsophisticated. Moreover, Conversionstats is able to track SEO-friendly links, taking into account all referrers to your site without including any code. This specification allows to take advantage not only of campaign tracking but also of SEO.

Unlike other system providers, offers 24 hours support and is always ready to help you. While such giants as Google deliver analyzing services as well, they are involved in advertising business, and you may not want to share important data with them. In this case Conversionstats is an ideal solution, as it guarantees full protection of your information from hackers and third parties.

One of the most attractive characteristics of Conversionstats is that it works in real time mode, tracking conversions as soon as you need. Owing to this option you don't have to wait for the stats updates, saving time and getting more relevant results.

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