Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Frrvrr is a revolutionary tool for connecting and communicating

What Company Is Offering:
Frrvrr is a revolutionary tool for connecting and communicating with people that share your interests. Photos, politics, music, books, medical history, movies–anything you can think of! And the best part is, Frrvrr does all the work.

Frrvrr uses cutting-edge technology to identify topics you might be interested in based on your browsing history, public records, health records, email activity, legal filings, and web profiles. Frrvrr then directs you to those topics and connects you with similar-minded people. It's part social network, part search engine, part recommendation-aggregator. In short, it uses your existing Internet habits to deliver a richer, more personalized web experience.

How It Works:
When you sign up, Frrvrr's AvaTroll Accelerator™ will download itself onto your desktop and begin cataloguing your web history, or "webtory," from the past eight months. Once it gathers all of your information, it creates a personalized avatar of you based on the snapshot of you gleaned from web usage and sites visited.

Once you've completed the registration process, your Frrvrr avatar will send itself to everyone in your address book, showing off your new look and inviting them to join. And every week, your personal avatar will update its appearance based on your past week's web habits and resend itself to your contacts to keep them updated on what you're up to.

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