Monday, February 18, 2008

Restaurantica is primarily a restaurant directory that serves all of North America

What Company Is Offering:
Restaurantica is primarily a restaurant directory that serves all of North America. It is also a space where you can share your dining experiences by reviewing restaurants that you have eaten at.

How It Works:

Restaurantica's goal is to offer the best customer service and the freshest possible restaurant data while maintaining a quick and easy user experience. Our simplistic review system does not require user sign in or registration and has helped us encourage a higher percent of our visitors to "Share the Experience".

Unique Features:
1. Restaurantica features restaurant reviews written by real users who have dined at the location. Our “Share the Experience” review model offers a unique take on the conventional critique; user data is collected through a simple review and averaged out to impact a restaurant's "RestaurantRank", giving a reader the option to view a quick numerical score or to dig a little deeper to see how individual visits fared.
2. Each listing on Restaurantica was created by a user and is moderated by hand according to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to ensure optimal quality.
3. Restaurantica was launched with just under 200 restaurant listings in 9 cities.
4. In December 2005, Restaurantica had 6,000 restaurant reviews with approximately 4,500 restaurants and 75 Ontario cities in the system.
5. In July 2007, Restaurantica eclipsed 50,000 restaurant reviews from cities throughout North America.
6. Ryan is still very much a part of Restaurantica although he now allows others to help him moderate reviews and answer emails so that he can spend the bulk of his time developing new ideas.
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