Monday, February 18, 2008

RealMetrics measures the reliability and performance of online service providers

What Company Is Offering:
RealMetrics was founded with the vision of providing the most valuable, current and historical business metrics available on performance and reliability of online service providers. These metrics include uptime, web speed, CPU speed, disk speed, email speed and reliability and customer service response speed.

How It Works:

RealMetrics measures the reliability and performance of online service providers by establishing actual account(s) with each service provider and by performing actual measurements against these accounts.
Unlike editorial review sites, RealMetrics does not offer opinions of performance or reliability; they only offer objective, actual data-driven metrics as gathered directly from accounts set up with each service provider. The results you see are the real performance metrics we capture using scientific statistical analysis.

Who Is Backing Them:

Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson entered the Internet application development arena in the early 1990’s and is an experienced senior executive with strong skills in business strategy, technology innovation, and the tactical aspects of technology deployment. He has been the founder, or co-founder of several successful Internet technology companies, including Boldchat where his industry leading live chat technology has captured significant market share with a robust architecture, fault tolerant infrastructure and feature rich product offering.

Additionally, Johnson founded the LoudPC product line of mobile communications applications that allow users with a web-enabled phone to enjoy real-time access to email and other personal information management data. Another one of Johnson’s industry leading businesses was Bottomdollar which he founded in 1997 to improve the way people shopped online. The Bottomdollar technology reached over 6,000,000 product price comparison searches per month before being acquired and traded on NASDAQ.

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Company Information:
RealMetrics, LLC
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Wichita, KS 67230
Phone: (888) 658-3563

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