Monday, February 18, 2008

SPE----Story Picturing Engine that visualizes the story with a series of pictures

What Company Is Offering:
SPE, is a Story Picturing Engine that takes a story entered/uploaded by the user and returns a picture storyboard that visualizes the story with a series of pictures.

How It Works:
It acts as a gateway to image searching, which can be done through, a search engine that finds images based on a comprehensive database of images with computer-based and human-based tagging. SPE can be used for educational purposes, such as locating pictures related to a lesson, or for personal purposes, such as creating a slideshow to accompany blogs, emails, or other stories. The system shown here is a prototype for illustrating stories using Web images. For special applications, such as education, specialized image databases are needed.

Who Is Behind Them:
SPE was mainly developed by Dr. Dhiraj Joshi during his graduate study at Penn State . He is now a Scientist at Kodak Research, Rochester, NY. The work has been carried out under the supervision of Penn State faculty James Wang and Jia Li. Visiting student Angela Yen from MIT created the initial Website for SPE.

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