Thursday, February 21, 2008

StyleHop is the place for people to discover and share fashion

What Company Is Offering:
StyleHop is the place for people to discover and share fashion. From the largest department stores to the most obscure online retailer, StyleHop surfaces the best stuff selected and ranked by our members through our fun, competitive style ranking game. You won't find fashion editors or star designers telling you what's fashionable at StyleHop - we're here to provide a place where real people determine the top styles.

How It Works:

At StyleHop, their mission is to build the most trusted, up-to-date, reliable source for smart people to share their style preferences and make better style decisions.

There are two main consumer activities at StyleHop:
StyleHop Shopping - Fashion shopping engines typically require you to sort through hundreds or even thousands of options to find something to buy. Alternatively, you can go to those fashion sites or magazines that tell you what to wear because they are the experts. At StyleHop, they're taking a different approach. They will show the top styles ranked the way you want to see them. Want to see the top five knit tops as ranked by StyleHop college women in Los Angeles? No problem. Want to see the top five StyleHop ranked sweaters at Abercrombie? We can do that. The answers are a few clicks away.

StyleHop Games - They are working hard to create fun, competitive style ranking games. We will use the games to give you a StyleHop Score that objectively measures your fashion savvy against all other users. You can play against your friends in your own league or against all other StyleHop users. In addition to being great entertainment for you, your style rankings will directly feed our shopping engine (which allows you to see the styles you want).

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