Thursday, February 21, 2008

Topper is a personalization tool that actually learns your preferences

What Company Is Offering:
Topper Search is a demonstration of a Web 2.0 personalized search engine. Using Topper anyone can build "ad hoc" intelligent models to sort and filter their results. Topper doesn't simply categorize your results. It learns, in real time, from your likes and dislikes in order to filter out results that you don't want or consider spam. Topper models can be applied again and again to new search queries and even shared with other users.

How It Works:

Topper is a personalization tool that actually learns your preferences. Topper Search is a personalization of web search. Topper learns what you like from a single search and then applies what it learned to any search that you make. Topper is not a web search engine but rather a tool that sits on top of search results. This version currently sits on top of Yahoo Search results. Topper can be easily be adapted for Google or any other search engine.

Topper Search allows you to create or use an existing Topper 'hat' to sort search results to your taste. Creating a Topper hat is simple - simply click on the results you like and don't like, watch Topper score your results. These results can then be sorted using a blend of your 'hat' score and the original rank of the result. As you click each result Topper automatically builds a new mental model for you and re-scores all of the results. Multiple hats can be created, modified and reused that represent your different tastes.

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