Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tipit----The Easiest Way To Turn Content Into Cash

What Company is Ofering:
You consume great content online for free. You want authors to keep making this cool stuff. Why not show them your appreciation by giving them a small token? makes that possible. enables people to show their support to a cause, person or website by tipping some money. Voluntarily giving money, no matter how small the amount, serves as moral and financial support.
To make tipping easier, enables users to tip amounts as low as a couple of cents. These tip intentions are not transferred immediately. Once the total amount of money tipped reaches a threshold, a user will be prompted to make good on their intentions.

How It Works:
The amount of money transferred to other sites may seem small but all the amounts add up and the recognition from each individual tipper is priceless.

It only takes a single click.Tipping is as easy as possible. With a single click users are taken to where they can specify the amount to tip. After tipping users are taken back to the site they came from. Widgets to further integrate tipping with the host environment and eliminate the roundtrip will be released in the future. handles the accounting of incoming and outgoing tips. After receiving the money, it is made available to those tipjar owners it was meant for.
Tipping means paying real money to show your appreciation. This creates a much more accurate measure of which sites on the web are worth something (i.e. real money). While votes may be faked or gamed, tips speak for themselves. tries to minimize the amount of transaction costs for both the giving and receiving parties. Unfortunately in today's world, financial transactions even after they have been batched can cost significant amounts of money. charges exactly enough money to break even on the transaction costs.

Setting up a tipjar is very easy. The associated code to tip that tipjar is simply a button with a link to the website. Users are guided through the tipping process and then returned to your website when they're done.

Tip intentions that have been paid by tippers show up on your incoming tips. When your total amount of incoming money has passed a threshold you can cash it out. only charges the transaction fees of the payout method you choose.

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