Thursday, February 21, 2008

MyFaceID is a facial recognition technology

About Company:
MyFaceID is a free media search service based on biometric facial recognition technology.

Technology was developed and is constantly being improved by team at Betaface.
Currently searching is performed only within MyFaceID users and famous people database. Only user profiles marked as ‘visible’ take part in search and respectively are visible in search results.

MyFaceID service came after few years of research and facial recognition technology development. They believe in great possibilities and future of this technology and that properly adopted, it may be a useful service for users all over the internet.

How It Works:

They detect people on photos and find a match in their database for time being, but they plan to expand their face recognition services further. Their mission is to perform face search in photos and video files over the internet.

Their technology was used in first ever automatic caricature creation Simpsonizeme and in promotion of Microsoft Windows Server, where composite face of user was automatically created.

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