Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AllSmackTalk is the premier online social utility for sports fans

What Company Is Offering:
AllSmackTalk is the premier online social utility for sports fans on the web allowing you to discuss your favorite teams and sports, upload videos and photos, win awards and prizes and make rivals.

How It Works:
To view other team boards please use the main menu at the left of every page and select Teams > Conference > and then the exact team board you wish to visit. You can also click View All Posts to view every post across all team boards.

Adding other users as rivals allows you to track their posts and smack backs through the rival section of the site. When you add a user as a rival he will receive an email notifying him that someone has added him as a rival, but no name will be given. When rivalries are mutual, both parties will have the rival listed in their rival list.
The Season Ticket page is the portion of that is completely customizable to the user. From the preferences section you can determine exactly what tags and teams you would like to read most about, as well as add RSS feeds to the page to build a fully custom experience with all the news and posts on your favorite sports and teams.
A tag is a brief description word that relates to your post. For example, if you were doing a post about Player X, you would want to include the team the player belongs to as one of the tags. Tags should be included in every post as they are a great way to sort and search posts.

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