Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LocalHarvest--- Find information on direct marketing family farms

What Company is Offering:
LocalHarvest is America's #1 organic and local food website. They maintain a definitive and reliable "living" public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources. Our search engine helps people find products from family farms, local sources of sustainably grown food, and encourages them to establish direct contact with small farms in their local area. Their online store helps small farms develop markets for some of their products beyond their local area.

How It Works:
LocalHarvest is now the number one informational resource for the Buy Local movement and the top place on the Internet where people find information on direct marketing family farms. They now have about 9000 members, and are growing by about 8 new members every day. Through their servers, their website and those of their partners serve about one and a half million page views per month to the public interested in buying food from family farms.
The LocalHarvest Store brings the products of family farmers home to you. While their farmers focus on selling fresh produce and meats directly to their local communities, many of them offer some of their products via mail order through them. They currently offer 4832 products.

You can participate in their building process by encouraging your farmer, market manager, and restauranteur friends to visit and sign themselves up!

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