Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Boddit makes it simple for you to discover deals

What Company Is Offering:
Boddit makes it simple for you to discover deals for what you want by aggregating deals from a huge selection of bargain hunting websites.

How It Works:
It funnels deals from a variety of shopping sites and puts them all into one frequently updated website so that you can easily shop for deals. You can narrow your search by category, keyword, or most popular product. The deals move fast with updates coming about every three minutes.

As you may realize, the stuff that is considered deals change very often so many new products pop in & out of Boddit's database all the time. To measure how new a deal is, Boddit lets you sort stuff by time.

Boddit only lists things that are deals. So most likely, the stuff you want does not have a deal for it right now. So, you should check back later to see if a deal comes.

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