Friday, March 28, 2008

BankSwitcher is a tool to help you switch banks

What Company Is Offering:
BankSwitcher is a tool to help you switch banks by:
Analyzing your banking activity to find transactions that you'll need to switch (i.e., Direct Deposits, automatic payments).
Compiling instructions and forms to switch those transactions to a new bank — using our directory of over 1500 Billers and Depositors.
Creating your personal Switching Checklist (PDF format) that you can print and use when you find a better bank.

How It Works;
BankSwitcher looks at your banking activity to identify things you will need to do if you want to switch banks (e.g., change direct deposits and automatic payments). You progress through BankSwitcher in three steps:

1. Gather bank activity. BankSwitcher looks for items that will need to be changed when you switch banks, such as direct deposits and automatic payments.

2. Choose what to switch. You select the Billers and Depositors you want included in your Switching Checklist based on the items compiled in Step 1.

3. Print your Switching Checklist. Then, BankSwitcher generates a printable document (PDF format) with everything you need to change banks. You can use your Switching Checklist whenever you want.

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