Friday, March 28, 2008

Biz Strategies, Inc--New Website Offers Valuable, Free Business Resources

What Company Is Offering:
Biz Strategies, Inc. is a full service on line consulting business. The company provides business management coaching that supports all facets of starting, growing and running a business. This includes putting business strategies, plans, tactics and processes in place to support taking your business to the next level, successfully.

Biz Strategies offers a number of free strategy guides, including "Business Management Coaching, Who needs it anyway" and "How to Identify, Form and Capitalize on Strategic Alliances". Both of these strategy guides offer process flow charts that will make it easier for business managers to understand the step by step process for growing their business. Additional free guides will be available in the near future.

In addition to the free guides the company is also providing one week of free consulting services on any business topic of your choice along with free bi-weekly management tips and tactics.

The Biz Strategy team is comprised of seasoned business professionals who have experienced allot within the industry. In addition to the team members listed on the web site, Biz Strategies is also finalizing a number of affiliate relationships with a powerful business law firm that will be able to support a number of legal tasks and questions for clients, and a strong funding professional in order to support various different types of funding strategies. This group has already worked together for many years and is going strong.

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