Friday, March 28, 2008

Vontoo is a market-leading provider of automated voice messaging solutions

What Company Is Offering:
Vontoo is a market-leading provider of automated voice messaging solutions. Their robust and flexible product offerings allow organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of voice in order to build brands, drive revenues, increase operational efficiencies and solve complex communication challenges.

How It Works:

When it comes to communication, nothing can compare to the power, excitement and authenticity of the human voice. Vontoo was founded with a clear mandate – to bring the power of voice marketing and communication to organizations eager to leverage its seemingly endless capabilities.

At Vontoo, they realize that seamless communication with your customers, partners and fans is critical to your success. Voice messaging offers an accessible, dynamic and cost-effective way to stay connected to your audience - whoever they might be.

Vontoo realizes that different organizations have different needs. As a result, Vontoo offers a choice of three voice messaging solutions specifically tailored to our customer's unique communication needs.Vontoo Products: Express ,Professional

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