Thursday, March 27, 2008

EveryZing --Next-generation universal search technology to online audio and video content

What Company Is Offering:
EveryZing provides next-generation universal search technology and brings the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO) to online audio and video content.

How It Works:

Through their speech to text, search and optimization technologies, and consumer-facing website, they create greater opportunities for consumer and advertiser access to online content. The company’s best-in-class technology and comprehensive set of advertising services enable their partners to profit from their content by launching digital channels that deliver the entertainment, news and information that consumers crave.

By aggregating structured and unstructured digital content for faster, easier discovery, EveryZing improves the search experience and drives user consumption of multimedia content. EveryZing’s patented technology provides greater monetization opportunities and helps its customers – operators of “infotainment” web sites providing news, weather, sports, business and other professionally produced content – capture a larger share of the $4 billion online video advertising market.

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