Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trackvia is an online database platform designed for non-technical people

What Company Is Offering:
Trackvia is an online database platform designed for non-technical people. It's similar to Microsoft Access, but web-based and easy to use. It allows people to manage lists, track projects, enable workflows, communicate, and collaborate. It includes intuitive data management features that people want (e.g. Quick Search or Find Duplicates) without the complexity that most don't want (e.g. structured query languages).

How It Works:

Trackvia can be used to track and manage: action items, clinical trial results, comments, complaints, consultant hours, contacts, custom home specs, documents, investments, job applicants, mailing lists, press mentions, product defects, project issues, requests, RFQs, RSVPs, sales leads, vehicles, and more.
With Trackvia, there is no software to download or install. It is inexpensive, and there's no risk – you can cancel at any time. It's easy to learn, easy to use, and fast. It's very flexible, and most important, Trackvia will let you save time, reduce mistakes, and improve collaboration when tracking and managing almost anything.
Trackvia can be accessed on-demand from anywhere, any time, without requiring a shared drive or virtual private network. Trackvia data can be updated by multiple people at the same time. Trackvia keeps track of what was changed, when, and by whom. It allows different users to have different permission levels. It can pull data in from emails or the Web, and push data out by email or the Web. It gives you custom views of your data that you can save and reuse. It has an amazingly simple and fast search tool, and makes it easy to perform common tasks like creating a drop-down list, annotating a record, or attaching a document.

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