Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stickam is where you will find your friends and your fans, LIVE

What Company Is Offering:
Stickam is where you will find your friends and your fans, LIVE!
See and be seen at Stickam, the LIVE community.

How It Works:
First, if you want to use your Web Cam make sure no other application is using it. (e.g. MSN, AIM, Photo Booth, etc.) Usually only one application at a time can access your Web Cam. Be sure the camera you are using is plugged in and on before launching your web browser.
Go to your "Edit Videos" page and click on the "Record Video" button on the right. Videos recorded using this function will automatically be uploaded to your movie gallery page. You can also record while your are Live. Simply hit the record button to begin recording your live stream.If a visitor is viewing your web cam, you will see the number of viewers the right of the yellow "lurker" icon above the list of people in your host chat. If the visitor has entered chat mode, you will see the name of the person on the right-hand side of the chat box.
When you 'Go Live', the volume button to the left of your chat window controls the volume of your microphone. You can also adjust your microphone settings by right-clicking the chat window (on PC) or pressing CTRL + click (on a Mac) and clicking 'Settings'.

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