Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Starbucks Idea

What Company says:

What would make your Starbucks experience perfect? We know you’ve got ideas—big ideas, little ideas, maybe even totally revolutionary ideas—and we want to hear them all. That’s why we created My Starbucks Idea. So you can share the ideas that matter to you and you can find out how we’re putting those ideas to work. Together, we will shape the future of Starbucks.

How It Works:
Any visitor can look at the ideas that have been posted and read our "Ideas in Action" blog. If you sign up to be a registered member of the site , you can also submit your own ideas, vote and comment on ideas submitted by other people.

My Starbucks Idea is an online community dedicated to sharing and discussing ideas and allowing you to see how Starbucks is putting top ideas into action. If you’d like to ask a question or make a comment specific to your experience with Starbucks, please visit the Contact Us section of

They’ve got a dedicated team of "Idea Partners"—Starbucks employees who are experts in their respective fields—who will read all ideas and comments. They’ll take a combination of the most popular and most innovative ideas that are the best fit for Starbucks and present them to key decision makers within the company to recommend how we put those ideas to work.

Everyone helps decide by voting. Ideas posted to the "Popular Ideas" section of the website (determined by using an algorithm based on number of points, number of comments and recency of post) will be considered, but our Idea Partners may also choose ideas simply because they think they’re promising.

If you’re a registered member, you can vote on each idea one time by simply clicking on the "vote" icon to the left of the idea (only one vote per idea). Each vote is worth 10 points and you can see an idea’s score (number of points) beneath the "vote" icon.

If they implement your idea, they may give you credit on the site, but they won’t be compensating customers if their ideas are chosen.

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