Thursday, March 20, 2008 Promote object exchange at a global level

What Company Is Offering:
It is an object exchange platform; they don't just barter, they bring the exchanged objects to life and they make socialising real.

The platform is well known for being: simple, safe and free of charge.

How It Works:

Promote object exchange at a global level, try to make the platform friendly and accessible, as well as safe and fast.Establish relationships through objects, collections or hobbies. Proliferating groups of people with the same tastes and interests. It is very simple and it can be summarised in 5 steps.

Sign up now to have your own website and resources.
Add your objects (the ones you have and the ones you would like to exchange).
Look for something you want to have and bid for it.
Create your own network of friends with same tastes and collections as you.
And the most important thing... have fun with everything.

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