Thursday, March 20, 2008 world + social networking

What Company Is Offering:
It is a virtual world + social networking. Imagine it's your friend's birthday and you place virtual balloons in his or her MiniHome. You can customize your MiniMe to be any person you desire. Add purses, shirts, skirts, and any other thing you want. Then best of all you can put either your MiniHome or your MiniMe into any other webpage.

How It Works:
To see a list of your MiniHomes please click MiniHomes on the left side. To see the specific MiniHome, please click on the individual MiniHome to see it. You have to have flash player installed. Please go to adobe's website to install flash.

To see your MiniMe, which is your virtual you, please click on MiniMe the left side. You should see a MiniMe client walking around. You can add clothing, hats, dresses, and pants to this MiniMe and rotate the MiniMe.MyMiniLife is governed by a virtual economy system. It's based on how active you are on MyMiniLife.

Every feature and function you currently see on the site is FREE. MyMiniLife is supported by advertising. In the future, MyMiniLife might add paid premium services, but all the features and functions you enjoy right now will always remain FREE!

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