Thursday, March 20, 2008

Viddyou is the best place for sharing your personal videos

What Company Is Offering:
Viddyou is more than a video storage site – it's a custom built video tool that allows anyone to quickly and easily archive and express their life in short-form videos. Featuring intuitive organizational tools, Viddyou enables you to quickly record, organize, share and protect these video chronicles.

How It Works:
Viddyou is the best place for sharing your personal videos.
After logging in, press the "Home" button. From this screen, you should enter in a title as well as a brief description for the video you are about to upload. Then you can select where you'd like the video to upload to. If you intend to upload the video to a community, you can select one of your joined communities from the "Post Vidd To" menu, though for most cases you can probably just leave this at its default. You can also select your privacy group for the video. Public (anyone can see), Private (only you can see), Friends-Only (all of the people you've marked as friends on Viddyou can see), or you can use one of your custom privacy groups here to have full control over exactly who can, and can't see your video. Then select a file (you may want to read "What file formats do you accept?"), and press upload. You'll see an upload progress bar indicating how long it will take your video to reach our servers. After your upload is complete you are free to continue browsing. You will receive an email once your video is ready to be viewed.

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