Friday, March 7, 2008

What Company Says: was created by an industry professional with over 10 years experience that include marketing, formulation, resale, distribution and product design in various aspects of the Nutraceutical Industry.
Essentially the website was created to be an online one-stop shopping site specific to the Nutraceutical Industry. You now have the ability to do hours of research in minutes, reach large numbers of buyers and industry executives quickly and effortlessly and access supplier availability and company contact and profile information instantly. We encourage you to embrace and use it as the business and marketing tool it has been designed to be.

How It Works:

To list your item simply click on the Sell link found on the header navigational bar. The listing process is split up into several main sections, notably:-

Category selection
Item Details
Auction Settings
Shipping and Payment
Listing preview
Listing confirmation
The listing process is developed in such a way that you are guided through every step seamlessly.

The first part of the process is to choose the category you wish to list your item in, this can be revised at any time by using the Previous Step navigation button.

Step two enables you to enter your item title and description, an editor is in place to enable you to use HTML descriptions.

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