Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Clueray---How To Focus Your Search

What Company Is Offering:
Clueray, Inc. was created to provide people a better way to search. By providing unique ways to focus search, Clueray technology takes search and search-based applications beyond the limitations of keywords – beyond the large collections of mixed-intent, mixed-quality results – to quality results which meet specific information needs.

How It Works:

Clueray’s IntentMatch technology starts with a collection of documents (typically returned by a keyword-based search engine) and returns a subset of those documents, the focused results, which meet a set of specified criteria. In the first phase of our public beta, the user is able to focus the results based on the kind of document they are looking for, something we refer to as the document intent. Future versions will expose additional focus elements which allow the user to more completely express their query intent.
Clueray’s IntentMatch technology takes end users and search-based apps beyond the “here are several results which may or may not work for you, you figure it out from here” paradigm to qualified results which match a specified information need.

The segmentation engine breaks up a document into regions of interest based on size, shape, content, and location on the page. Like many “hard” artificial intelligence problems, document segmentation is pretty easy for a human to do. However, automating this task for use in an unstructured environment like the web is particularly challenging. Clueray’s unique approach to solving this problem draws from multiple disciplines and can be tailored to address specific segmentation needs.

More at:http://www.clueray.com/

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