Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crowdabout makes podcasts interactive and conversational

What Company Is Offering:
Social networks for podcasters and their crowds.Crowdabout makes podcasts interactive and conversational. While listening or viewing in the online Conversational Player, you can talk back and add your own thoughts to those of crowds of other people listening to the same shows. Share ideas, correct mistakes, debate the finer points, offer advice, shout out to homeys, leave some love...whatever your motivation, crowdabout makes the converstation possible.

How It Works:
By adding your existing podcast RSS feed, you'll automatically be adding all your shows from the feed to CrowdAbout for listeners to discover, enjoy an interact with. When you are logged in, click the "My Settings" link in your control box at the top of the site. Then click the edit button next to "My Show Settings" to name your show, add your feed, upload a thumbnail image for the show, and assign categories and search tags.

Add Posts to Your Episodes in the Conversational Player.

Get Conversation Feeds to help manage the interaction, and add to your site things like RSS chicklets for your conversation feed, little graphic badges to tell people how to get interactive with your site, and embeddable players to make your site the starting place for the conversation.

When playback reaches a point where you want to make a post, click the + button at the right side of the timeline at the bottom of the player. (If you don't see this button, then the person who uploaded the media may have disabled that option.) Compose your post. Click the play button in the lower left corner of the post to review where the post will appear once submitted. Nudge the post left and right as needed using the nudge-left and nudge-right buttons next to the post-play button. Click "Send" in the lower right corner when finished.

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