Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Mikon is a symbol about you

What Company Is Offering:
A Mikon is a symbol about you.For example, a Mikon can say I'm from Texas. It's an idea in the form of a picture can say where you're from, what you like to do, what organizations you belong to, what you believe in, anything!

Create or use a mikon for your club. Create or use a Mikon for your clan or guild
your hobbies: biking, scrapbooking, book clubs, drinking, chess, reading, movies
your beliefs: religion, political affiliation, gender identification,
an experience or aspect of your personal story,cancer survivor, entrepreneur,
a concept you want to share
your preferences: paper or plastic? coffee or tea? vinyl or digital?
A company has one and only one logo but thats not enough to describe who you are!
With multiple Mikons, you make a sentence of symbols. The old saw is A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words. What does a dozen Mikons say?

How It Works:

Sign up to establish your unique login ID and password.
Use the Mikon Machine™, our cool vector drawing tool, to create the symbols that tell your story. You can design from scratch or remix other graphics to build your personal set of Mikons.
Publish your Mikons and choose how you would like to share them, possibly with your family, friends, and co-workers; or you can always keep them private.
Connect with other Mikoners, search for people with similar Mikons, join a community, email a fellow Mikoner, view your friends list and much more!

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